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Metro Academy delivers short courses to employees and contractors working on the Metro network, along with mandatory refresher training for Metro safety-critical courses.
The MTM RTO delivers formal qualifications and units of competency, which enables graduates to have their skills recognised not only at Metro, but across the national rail and safety industries.

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Metro Trains Melbourne RTO ID 40535 Course Offerings

Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.2

Attainment: TLIC0025 Pilot rail traffic within work on track authority limits;
TLIL0010 Implement a track occupancy authority;
TLIL3084 Implement a local possession authority;
TLIL3083 Implement a track work authority and manage rail traffic through worksites;
TLIW2037 Clip and secure points

Competency: Metro Trains Melbourne
Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $2555 (GST does not apply)
Description: This course is to provide the underpinning knowledge and skills for individuals to fulfil the role of a Track Force Protection Coordinator (TFPC) 3.2 on the Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) Metropolitan Rail Network.

Metro Academy Course Offerings

Unrestricted Track Force Protection Coordinator Inner Suburban

Attainment: Certificate of Completion
Competency: Metro Trains Melbourne
Frequency: Monthly
Cost: $575 (GST incl)
Description: The Unrestricted TFPC Inner Suburban course provides an induction for qualified and valid TFPCs to safely work in the inner suburban area.

This course is required for Track Force Protection Coordinators (TFPC) to gain the Unrestricted TFPC Inner Suburban competency.

The TFPC must complete the Unrestricted TFPC Inner Suburban Evidence of Shifts within three (3) months of training being completed.

The SWIRC book

The Safely Working in the Rail Corridor (SWIRC) book provides the key information participants will learn during the SWIRC course. Download the SWIRC book and keep a copy to refer to during and after the training session.

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