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Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.1

This course is to provide the underpinning knowledge and skills for Rail Safety Workers (RSWs) to fulfil the role of a Track Force Protection Coordinator (TFPC) 3.1 on the Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) Metropolitan Rail Network.

This course MUST be undertaken by Rail Safety Workers wanting to perform the duties of a TFPC 3.1 on the MTM Metropolitan Rail Network.
This course is not suitable if participant has already attained the TFPC 3.1 competency from a non-approved MTM training provider and is not approved to work on the MTM Metropolitan Rail Network.
The TFPC 3.1 (MTM upgrade) is required if the above applies.


Course details

Course objectives

This course will give participants the knowledge and skills to:

  • undertake track assessment plan track protection required to perform work activity safely
  • use hand signal commands to manage rail traffic
  • access and interpret information about track protection requirements
  • carry out assigned protection and/or work activities
  • respond appropriately to abnormal situations.
Assessment methods
  • Knowledge
  • Practical
  • In-field (MUST be completed within 2 months of course attendance)
Metro Academy prerequisites
  • Participant MUST be 18+ years of age
  • Participant MUST comply with Local COVID Safe Plans
  • Participant MUST have completed the approved MTM Lookout course and held that competency for a minimum of six months.
  • Participant MUST have been issued the following unit/s of competency: TLIF0020 Safely access the rail corridor*, TLIF0027 Perform lookout duties*
  • The Participant MUST have current employment with an organisation that is working with the MTM Metropolitan Rail Network and,
  • a pre-requisite declaration completed by the learner and their employer, declaring that they meet the pre requisite requirements of the course, and
  • a current Rail Industry Worker (RIW) card / MTM Track Protection card.
  • *(Units of competency considered equivalent on are also accepted)
Prerequisite verification
  • Approved photo ID MUST be sighted on day of attendance.
  • Metro Academy will verify prerequisites against Rail Industry Worker (RIW) database.
  • To prevent delay, participant’s ‘The Platform’ profile MUST contain current email address, contact number, RIW number and date of birth.
  • Verifications will be completed by Metro Academy normally within two (2) business days of receipt of information.*.
  • * Participant is unable to commence training until verifications have been completed.
Course completion

Participants who successfully complete all requirements of this course including the infield requirement will be awarded a Statement of Attainment (SoA) for the following nationally recognised unit/s of competency:

TLIF0023 Conduct track protection assessment
TLIW0007 Operate under track protection rules

SoA and CoC will be issued by Metro Academy via email, normally within ten (10) business days.
The CoC Uploads to be completed normally within two (2) business days of SoA and CoC being issued.


Metro Academy will upload the participant’s certificate to the RIW database.
To prevent delay, participant’s The Platform profile MUST contain current email address, contact number, RIW number and date of birth.
Uploads to be completed within two (2) business days of SoA and CoC being issued.

New Student Bookings Existing Student Bookings

Cost: $1455 (GST does not apply)
Duration: Four days
Delivery mode: Face to face
Venue: Metro Academy
42–50 Bakehouse Road, Kensington, VIC 3031

Railway Academy – Newport
Shea St, Newport VIC 3015

Proof of identity requirements

Participants are required to produce a valid Identification document (ID) on the day of training.

One of the following is considered a valid ID document, the document must contain a photo of the participant and be

  • Australian or International Passport
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Driver’s Learners Permit
  • Boat Operator’s Licence
  • Victorian Firearm Licence
  • Licence to Perform High Risk Work
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria Proof of Age card
  • Other Australian Government issued ID card
  • State, Territory or Federal Government Employee ID
  • Keypass ID card or Tertiary Education Photo ID card
Personal protection equipment (PPE) requirements

Participants MUST bring the following items on the day of training:

  • Steel capped, lace up boots with ankle support
  • Orange Hi-Vis vest
  • Full length trousers
  • Eye protection
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Hard hat

Participants cannot commence training without PPE

Information & bookings

The Platform
03 9610 3701

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This is a Nationally Recognised Training program.
This is a Nationally Recognised Training program.